For several decades, radicals have made it their mission to destroy the heritage of the United States. Progressive students, faculty, and politicians have been standing in the front rows of these efforts. They have been targeting, for example, statues and buildings, named after Columbus, Confederate soldiers, and the founding fathers. Even tributes to Abraham Lincoln have not escaped their wrath.

A recent example is the attempt to the “dename” a Harvard dormitory after John Winthrop, who was a leading light in the fields of mathematics and natural history in the eighteenth century. He descended from the Puritan founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the same name. His “crime”: He once owned a few slaves.

Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), dissents from this endeavor at vilification. The January 31st issue of The College Fix quotes Dr. Grabar, “‘It will be difficult to find any figures of historical significance who did NOT own slaves at the time. . . [C]ontextualizing or denaming the house, ‘will simply invite further ahistorical attention on what is in reality a political project: the attempt to wipe away American history and founding principles.’”