The College Fix, an online journal devoted to supporting student journalists, quotes Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) on the nation’s continuing campus protests. In a May 13 article “Comic Books, Monuments, Historic Buildings Targeted by Pro-Palestinian Protestors,” Dr. Grabar observes there is method behind the students’ madness.

Some students have caused enormous destruction. They have hit libraries and defaced historic architecture and statues of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. “‘Attacks on them are intended to stir up deeply felt emotions of anger by those who love this country,’” Grabar maintained. “‘Israel is serving as a proxy for the evil colonialist Western empires students have been taught to believe are the cause of the world’s ills.’”

She pointed the finger especially at The New York Times “1619 Project.”  Its “‘false history of slavery was extended to the false narrative about the present situation when George Floyd was touted as a victim of rampant racism and anti-black police violence — holdovers from slavery,’” she remarked. “‘I’m afraid that the 2020 riots established a precedent of widespread attacks on cherished American figures and institutions, and even books.’”