Robert Paquette, Charter Fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), was recently interviewed by Campus Reform. In the interview, Paquette discusses the recently announced diversity requirement across all majors which has been reported to begin for 2017-18 at Hamilton College.

In the interview with Campus Reform, Paquette stated the following:

“As with most initiatives of this type, an alliance of activist students and activist faculty become a driving force in seeking to impose changes in campus curriculum and campus life,” Hamilton History Professor Robert Paquette told Campus Reform.

“The virtually unlimited resources that now flow to an alphabet soup of left-of-center groups, faculty and students, in institutionalized safe spaces guarantees their potency.”

Paquette noted the lack of intellectual diversity at Hamilton, stating that debate is usually between groups within the left and “over means, not ends.”

“As the vote of Hamilton’s faculty indicates, a supermajority favors these curricular changes,” said Paquette. “Embrace of all or part of the agenda, either because of fear or sympathy, comes from every corner of the power structure, from trustees, to administrators, to faculty.”