On June 27th 2018 to the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) Washington Program on National Security (WAPONS) spent some time listening to Dr. Stephen Bryen, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Trade Security Policy about cyber security. Dr. Bryen recently blogged about his session with the students “Cyber Security in a Bunch of Nutshells.”

​Dr. Bryen has 40 years of experience in government and industry, having served as a senior staff director of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Trade Security Policy, as the founder and first Director of the Defense Technology Security Administration, as the President of Finmeccanica North America, and as a Commissioner of the U.S. China Security Review Commission. Prior to his government career, Dr. Bryen was Assistant Professor of Government at Lehigh University. Dr. Bryen is the author of three books, numerous articles, and chapters in compendiums on technology and strategy. His books include: The Application of Cybernetic Analysis to the Study of International Politics; Essays on Technology, Security and Strategy and Technology Security and National Power: Winners and Losers. Dr. Bryen serves on the editorial advisory board of Common Defense Quarterly, and on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the U.S.-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation, which promotes bi-national research in basic science. For his work at the Defense Department, Dr. Bryen was twice awarded the Distinguished Public Service Medal.

WAPONS is led by Dr. Juliana Pilon and affords top students a chance to learn more about national security from practitioners and scholars in Washington DC.