The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) congratulates former AHI Undergraduate Fellow Benjamin Swett of Darien, Connecticut on his hiring by Irving Levin Associates, a leading publisher of business intelligence in the field of health care.  For more than six decades, “Levin Associates has been providing Wall Street investors, senior care providers and health care executives with timely, accurate and reliable market intelligence on mergers and acquisitions, mortgage financing, private placements, IPOs and secondary offerings, as well as critical information on growth strategies and best practices for the industry.”  A 2014 graduate of Hamilton College, Ben majored in history and was advised by AHI Charter Fellows Douglas Ambrose and Robert Paquette.  In addition to his involvement with the AHI, Ben headed the Hamilton College Republican Club.

At Levin Associates, Ben “concentrate[s] on the senior care market and write[s] about the buying and selling of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and independent living communities. The publications are directed mainly towards investors, brokers and other financial professionals in the healthcare and senior care M&A markets.”  “Ben Swett participated in many of the most challenging activities sponsored by the AHI,” observed Paquette.  “He comes from a fine family, has excellent character, and was willing to grapple with difficult material. The AHI fostered his education in great books.  His intellectual maturation after reading cover-to-cover Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws and Tocqueville’s Democracy in America was delightful to behold.  With nurturing, Ben also polished his writing into lucid, concise prose.  Thus I am not surprised by his current job at Levin Associates.”

At the end of the summer,” Ben noted, “I began writing a new publication devoted to senior care development market, called Senior Living Development News. In the newsletter, which comes out every two weeks, I am trying to find out who is developing where, how they are financing the projects, and where will companies build next. (Just so you and Professor Ambrose know, I kept all of my graded essays from both of your classes and refer to them often to keep improving my writing. So thank you for all the work you put into my papers!) The best part about my job is that I get to call developers, lenders and senior living operators to learn about their development strategies, who is really funding all the new construction out there, and how supply is meeting demand. Many developers are pointing to demographics and the retirement of the Baby Boomers as reason to build NOW, even though that generation is still a long time away from needing senior care or nursing services. Nevertheless, big banks and lenders are backing them, and the development of senior living communities is growing fast. Today (and really the next 30 years), is truly a fascinating time to be in the senior care industry.”

“I sincerely miss the AHI, and the great friendships I formed there, said Ben. “I really have people like you and Professor Ambrose to thank for that. And I know that the environment you provide for higher learning, debate and camaraderie has had a great positive impact on my brother, so thank you for that too.”