RealClear Education, a subdivision of the RealClear Media Group, has published a feature story on The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI). RealClear Education “is one of the Internet’s leading voices on global education news and commentary.”

In “Alexander Hamilton Institute Seeks to Bridge America’s Divisions,” Mike Sabo, an editor for RealClear Politics, discusses the tumultuous origins of the independent AHI in a failed attempt to establish a center for educational excellence on the campus of Hamilton College.  Sabo notes AHI’s concern with civic education, “the lifeblood of the American republic.” He also describes AHI’s rich assortment of programming and its dramatic growth in little more than a decade of existence. “Through civic debate and examination of the great questions that have animated the West for centuries,” Mr. Sabo concludes, “AHI hopes to put America on a more promising path.”