“As a graduate of Hamilton College when it was a respected institution, I wish to express gratitude for the Alexander Hamilton Institute. Professors Ambrose, Bradfield, and Paquette are to be commended for their dedication to preserving Western Civilization. Having attended various meetings, lectures, and colloquiums, it was a privilege and delight to see the interaction between these professors and their students. Mutual respect and encouragement were evident in their interactions.
Having programs in other institutions (Princeton, Rochester, etc.) is a welcome sign that more and more students will have a firm grounding in what sustains our country. My wife and I are proud supporters of AHI.”

-Shirley Niebanck and Richard J. Niebanck, Hamilton College, Class of 1954

“I started with AHI a few years ago, during “Lincoln, The Leader, The Legend.” The depth of the research for the classes is impressive. The readings correspond with the discussions beautifully. The group discussions are impressive from a perspective that perhaps hadn’t occurred to me prior to the class. The wealth of the education in the class is tremendous. A wonderful group of people that are warm and friendly.
PS: Prior to my retirement I worked a short distance from Clinton. I never would have been able to attend the classes as I worked a 3-11 pm shift. In February of 2006 I worked across the street from the Byrne Dairy on Rt 5. A New Hartford policeman was murdered behind the Byrne dairy chasing after jewelry store robbers. Prior to this, I would stop on my way home from work. After the murder, I never went out at night. This class gets me out of the house at night.”

-Nancy G., New Hartford, New York

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to become acquainted with some of the Fellows, Hamilton College students, and other great folks at AHI . . . . I believe your work is part of a broad academic movement in America that aims at ‘reawakening’ people to the truths and freedoms upon which this nation was built. At times it seems we are in danger of losing our sense of what it really means to be free in a free society. I pray your work helps people find the true center of freedom again.”

-Frank Dooley, Whitesboro, NY

“AHI represented and acted as a support system for individuals and organizations that wanted to forge their own intellectual path. It provided an opportunity for intellectual exploration and discourse that became a healthy supplement to Hamilton College’s academic curriculum and culture. We were fortunate to have AHI during our time at Hamilton.”

-William F. Preston, Hamilton College, Class of 2011

“In the beginning there were three Professors – Paquette, Ambrose and Bradfield – who deplored the slide into mediocrity of Hamilton College. Their vision led to the founding of AHI. The early years required dedication and determination. One result was the annual colloquium which offered programs on significant issues with diverse views from distinguished presenters. Other programs followed including the Enquiry publication
All of the AHI initiatives foster intellectual curiosity, thoughtful review and respectful discussion. The ever-broadening reach of the AHI gives me hope that we may eventually come to a turning point in the dysfunctional political philosophy overwhelming the country today.”

-Mary Lou Huff, Rochester, New York

“When my husband and I drove to a lecture at AHI in the early spring of 2008, we did not know what to expect. What we discovered was a marvelous presentation, a warm welcome, especially from Bob Paquette, and an unparalleled effort to help foster good citizenship. We were immediately hooked and became strong supporters of the Institute.
Since that first year, we are so very proud of AHI’s growth and influence to those of all ages and political stripes through the many courses, lectures and events held by AHI. We are better people and a better community thanks to this remarkable group!”

-Christine Potocki, New Hartford, New York