“I just wanted to send you an email saying that I really enjoyed the last two weeks and appreciate all of the efforts you put into the program and getting to know each of us. The amount of knowledge and inspiration I gained from this program was truly remarkable. I can’t even properly describe how amazing it was to be part of it and become friends with such fantastic people. You really made the whole program a wonderful experience and brought us all together, so I wanted to thank you. Hopefully, you have a wonderful rest of the summer!”

-D. D., University of North Texas

“Dr. Pilon, Thank you for all the work that you did to make the WAPONS program a rewarding summer class. Your knowledge and experience are breathtaking. Your personal contacts you shared with us were fantastic connections that I don’t think we could have formed any other way. I enjoyed especially the foreign service discussions that this program opened up for me. Thank you for feeding and housing us and thank you for the metro rides. Thank you for all the classes and for organizing this program for us students. . . . I was floored by the knowledge base that we encountered over our time in DC. It was overwhelming, but in a very good way. I especially enjoyed the public diplomacy discussions with both diplomats and VOA operators and think tank specialists. It was well worth the trip. The discussions in the metro with you and other students were very rewarding also. Thank you so much again for all the work you put into the program! ”

-S. W., Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“You [Juliana Pilon] are the mastermind and the motor of a wonderful experience you voluntarily give to others. My time here [at WAPONS] could not have been as enjoyable if anyone else was in your position. You have done great things to get to where you are, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you. I’m looking forward to our reunion!”

-S. S., East Georgia State College

“Thank you so much for the amazing dialogue this past weekend. . .. I very much hope I have the ability to work with you again in the future!!”

-T. D., Florida, November 2019

“It was a pleasure to listen to the dialogue between the panelist and the participants. Teachers truly do appreciate the opportunity to feed our own love of learning. Thank you for giving your time up over the weekend to spend it with us. I look forward to next year.”

-K. P., M. Ed., Anthern, Arizona, November 2019