“Although I’ve delayed too long in sending this, I just wanted to express my appreciation for hosting this year’s AHI Summer Conference. I thought that the discussion leaders this year did a particularly good job in directing the conversation to productive avenues. Since arriving back in Cleveland, I’ve spoken fondly of the event on several occasions and the response is usually one of pleasant surprise that such thoughtful discussion on engaging topics still occurs on a regular basis. You’re doing excellent work up there. I look forward to hearing of events sponsored by the Institute in the future. Thank you again.”

-Dr. Thomas Pope, Department of Political Science, Lee University

“I teach business at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and have published a series of papers on the political affiliations of college professors, although my chief subject is industrial relations. I visited the Alexander Hamilton Institute on June 4 and 5, 2021 to exchange ideas with Robert Paquette, David Frisk, and Mary Grabar. All three are outstanding scholars who have produced outstanding work. The Hamilton Institute has flourished against all odds, and its flourishing reflects Robert Paquette’s courageous, imaginative leadership and the fellows’ outstanding scholarship.
Although I come from outside the fields of history and political science, I am aware of an important gap in the teaching of both subjects. The sustenance of our nation’s culture depends on the teaching of accurate history, yet leading universities and liberal arts colleges have dismissed the task of learning about history in a way that strives to get at truth; they have replaced that striving with indoctrination and advocacy, which Mary has done well at debunking. David is filling the gap with first-rate live and online seminar programs, but we need more. I see AHI as the new model for the teaching of history, politics and the social sciences, one that is outside the purview of politically correct universities.

My two days were enlightening and well spent, and I can’t wait to go back.”

-Mitchell Langbert, Associate Professor of Business Management, Brooklyn College

“I was a participant in the 2021 AHI WAPONS program. I wanted to inform you that the program was excellent. The experience was invaluable, the opportunities to expand my knowledge about national security issues was incredible and exceeded expectations. I learned so much, and I know it will help me and the country in the future. I also wanted to say that Dr. Pilon was incredible. She was an amazing host that was very caring for the students. Not only was her insight very rewarding but she went out of her way to make sure that everyone was comfortable at all times. I am very thankful for this experience.”

-Thomas Vella, University of North Georgia

“I want to express my gratitude for your work to help make the AHI’s WAPONS possible. It was an absolute privilege to meet Dr. Pilon and the national security experts featured during the 2021 program. The program gave students impressive and likely unmatched access to different ideas and approaches that are currently being employed by our nation’s defenders. Moreover, the variety of different subsections of national security which were discussed during the program was impressive given that we were in DC for only ten days. In addition to thanking Dr. Pilon, I also want to thank her assistant, Mason. And I also want to thank the fellow college students who participated in the program, many of whom have become good friends.”

-Anthony Palazzola, Colgate University