“My experience during the WAPONS [national security]program, made possible by the AHI, has been instrumental in my educational and professional development during my time at Hamilton College. The carefully cultivated curriculum at the WAPONS program included readings on a wide area of topics concerning national security. Under the tutelage of Dr. Juliana Pilon, all participants came prepared to learn and engage with some of the top experts in the various fields of study. Every day was spent meeting with esteemed experts. The immense respect each expert had for Dr. Pilon created a more interactive and effective learning environment as each student was able to ask questions. The many qualified speakers were not only extremely knowledgeable but also engaging and invested in our experience. Students from all over the country engaged in thoughtful debates over various policies and issues, providing an environment difficult to replicate in the average classroom.
My experience at the WAPONS program allowed me to bring forth lessons learned and knowledge gained into my future classes as a government major and to my internships with the Army ROTC program I am a member of. I have found myself referring back to the sources and notes taken while at the program for current projects. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the WAPONS program only possible through the work of AHI!”

-Katie Tenefrancia, Hamilton College, Class of 2019

“My time with AHI instilled in me a lifelong love of learning and appreciating the Western Canon: Tocqueville, Blackstone, Lord Acton, Cotton Mather, Hayek, the Putney Debates, and others. Second, professors forced me to write with brevity. Lucid writing reflects clear thought.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Professors such as Paquette, Hill, Bradfield, and Ambrose taught me to engage in the honest pursuit of truth–-to be a scholar and not a passive ideologue. All of these are the hallmark of a liberal education. This is priceless.”

-Hamilton Undergraduate, Class of 2019

“It was a true delight to get to know your student Andrew Juchno, and we are looking forward to welcoming him to DC this summer. The Hertog Foundation relies on the care and insight of professors like yourself to build the best cohort of students for our courses—so thank you for recommending Andrew! We hope you continue to nominate such exceptional students for our programs.”

-Hertog Foundation, 2019

“A standing room only class on Abraham Lincoln! Lively, intense discussions and debates in classes on the ‘60’s and Charles Murray’s Coming Apart. All these and many more such classes are regularly taught by Dr. David Frisk, an AHI Resident Fellow. He always prepares robust syllabi and readings, and offers insightful lectures that draw a wide range of Mohawk Valley community members who bring their own interesting observations and enthusiasm for learning to each session. Dr. Mary Grabar, also an AHI Resident Fellow, frequently participates in classes and has contributed several short lectures on George S. Schuyler, prominent African-American journalist and novelist (1895-1977). She has written his soon-to-be published biography. Dr. Christopher Hill has offered a well-attended class on the Crusades and a notable lecture on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.
AHI Director Dr. Robert Paquette has fruitfully collaborated with AHI associates, as well as colleagues at universities and colleges nationwide, to present notable lectures, conferences, and symposia on a rich variety of topics related to the historical, textual, and political roots of the American polity and Western civilization. These include a truly invigorating week-long seminar on Tocqueville’s Democracy in America and a thoughtful and timely “Tolerance, the Constitution, and the Limits of an Open Society,” the topic of the Ninth Annual Carl B. Menges Colloquium. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write some words of praise for the AHI– its productive and vital people and programs. “

-Dr. Susan Goldberg, Clinton, New York

“The undergraduate conference at Colgate was a fantastic way to cap off my undergraduate experience. This past weekend widened my perspective, allowed me to make some great friends whose paths I hope I will cross again, and stimulated a great deal of reflection on the many topics presented. More than anything it left me excited for the years to come following my graduation. Many thanks to you and everyone else at AHI and Colgate University who worked to provide such a wonderful opportunity.”

-Undergraduate, Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

“Since the end of the most recent adult education class, I have been thinking about the benefits I have personally derived from the programs provided by the Alexander Hamilton Institute. Over the last several years I have attended some of the Spring and Summer seminars. These are designed for college students and feature panel members from both university faculties and professional organizations, but they have been free and open to the public. The discussion and debates among these brilliant and well-educated people have provided a wealth of information, knowledge and insight about the topic involved. And it is a real joy to hear truly articulate people speak about any subject. I have also been privileged to attend individual lectures. One that comes to mind was presented by Heather Mac Donald on the topic of “Are Cops Racist?”. Again, the information and clarity she provided were remarkable.
For me (and many others like me), however, the single most important program the institute provides is the adult or continuing education classes. I have been attending these for several years now, and I continue to attend because they offer knowledge and stimulating discussion on a variety of topics. The participants come from a wide range of political persuasions and appear to feel free to express their opinions -I certainly feel that way. The most recent course was “Science and Government” and considered not just how government programs are influenced by science and new discoveries, but also how political conflict affects the integration of scientific knowledge with government policy. Other courses throughout the last several years have featured topics such as “The Concept of Law”,” Abraham Lincoln”, and “Statesmanship”. I can think of few things in my life that bring as much value and joy as these Alexander Hamilton Institute programs.”

-Fred Diddle, Sherrill, NY, June 3, 2019