“It’s been a few years since some friends and family filled me in on this phenomenon that’s happening on Park Row in Clinton. I just couldn’t resist the intrigue any longer, I had to find out for myself what was going on in this “think tank” of sorts. It was there that I met resident fellows: Mary Grabar and David Frisk- both PhD’s.
I joined a diverse group of men and women that gradually filtered in to enjoy hospitality and polite conversation, food and refreshments first. Then, we all made our way to our seats in two adjoining rooms to get down to the business of the evening. David presided over lessons on political philosophy, and political/religious/scientific history using the text of the session we were in. I really enjoyed learning from provided texts on Franklin D. Roosevelt and then Ronald Reagan, along with discussion from 50+ community residents (full house) who thought it important enough to come and learn from each other in this environment. At 52, I was junior to the majority of participants, but always appreciated their discussions, memories, and input. Thank you AHI for all the stimulating experiences…all the best to you as you move forward!

-Chris Hullar, Chadwicks, New York

“Thank you so much for your warm hospitality! My mother and I had a wonderful time! We are now in New York. I was wondering if you could please provide me with the information on how I can make a small donation online to the AHI. Countless times I felt fortunate and
humble to be in the company of so many passionate, knowledgeable scholars and bright Hamilton students. I leave the Hill feeling proud and privileged not only to be a Hamilton alumna, but also an AHI undergraduate fellow. Thank you and the other co-founders for everything that you did/do for the AHI fellows!”

-B.D., Hamilton College, Class of 2010

“It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I will be attending Columbia College for the next three years. My family and I are absolutely joyful with this news. I must thank you once more for your recommendation. I am positive that your words were a key component to my acceptance, and I can never thank you enough. In fact, my acceptance letter specifically asked that I inform and thank the faculty who recommended me and made my transfer possible. Once again, I cannot thank you enough.
I know that Columbia’s great books program is one both of a long proud tradition . . . I plan to speak with the professors of the core with whom I am friendly and familiar, and I hope that we can begin a sort of AHI at Columbia for those who support the core and its mission. Once again, thank you for a fabulous year, and I look forward to our future correspondence.”

-M.K., Columbia University, Class of 2013

“I truly enjoyed the course I had with you this semester. I learned a tremendous amount of information, and think I made some important progress in my writing. This was definitely the best course in History that I’ve had over my three years of undergraduate studies . . . thank you once again for all the help and opportunities you’ve provided me.”

-Hugo Naulot, L’Institut d’études politiques

“In the upstate New York college town of Clinton, NY, a group of alumni, faculty, and former Hamilton College trustees have created a center for classical education undiluted by the agenda-driven propaganda that has hijacked today’s liberal arts colleges. The Alexander Hamilton Inn, transformed from a rundown eyesore to its original beauty and comfort as a Federalist landmark, provides a haven of learning for a select group of college students. In the classrooms and library of the Inn, headquarters for the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, they become well-educated men and women as they acquire knowledge of the foundations of our society and skills that will help them achieve success in life and become productive members of society.
At the annual three-day Carl G. Menges Colloquium, the September 17 Constitution Day Celebration, and other AHI events, I’ve been privileged to attend presentations by outstanding, internationally-renowned experts such as AHI President Robert L. Paquette, author and professor of American history and economics; Andrew C, McCarthy, contributing editor at National Review and chief prosecutor of the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman; Jay Sekulow, counsel to President Donald J. Trump and chief council at American Center for Law and Justice; attorney Carla T. Main, author of Bulldozed and expert on eminent domain, property law, and the First Amendment; Judge David Aldrich Nelson of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and others. Sid Wertimer would be pleased as punch.

-Jan Mahood, Nonprofit Consultant, Portsmouth, NH. Hamilton College Associations: Parent of Grant D. Mahood, ’92; Aunt of Bruce L. Mahood, ’82; Spouse of Gary D. Mahood, ’62; Cousin of Harvey M. Bricker, Valedictorian, ‘62; Sister-in-Law of R. Wayne Mahood, ’56”

“Professors Ambrose, Bradfield, and Paquette made my Hamilton College academic experience. The three wise men opened my eyes and my mind through the free exchange of ideas backed by scholarship. I’m grateful that they each pushed me to better myself in the classroom and as a citizen. The AHI is a natural extension of the multi-disciplined scholarly legacy of its namesake, Alexander Hamilton, and I’m proud to support AHI and to call Professors Ambrose, Bradfield, and Paquette my friends.”

-Alex Kaufman, Hamilton College, Class of 2006, J. D. Emory University School of Law