“I made a visit to AHI in the spring of 2014 when David Frisk was offering the course on Statesmanship and Leadership. I’ve been attending every class every semester ever since. I have been a history and literature buff for as long as I can remember. AHI’s commitment to the principles of Liberty, Democracy and open discourse through the study of History, Government and Politics, Economics and Statesmanship have provided me with the opportunity to further my personal studies, broaden and deepen its scope, and open new areas of interest. Some classes, such as Statesmanship and Leadership, The Constitution, and Liberty: The History of an Idea were by far my favorite courses.
The semester spent studying F.A. Hayek’s works (The Constitution of Liberty and The Road to Serfdom) were both extremely challenging and second only to the study of the Bible, study of our history, our founding, and how they relate to events is paramount to understanding and functioning in these modern times. It is imperative, in my humble opinion, that we as a nation not only study and discuss these foundational principles, but teach them diligently to our children. It has been my great pleasure to sit next to my young daughters during these classes to hear foundational principles from wise instructors and to experience the many facets of public discourse.
To AHI board of directors, keep up the good work the various Colloquium’s and meetings hosted by AHI. It has been a rewarding joy to be included in these very rich and dynamic academic experiences.”

-Bob Gorman, Oneida, New York

“Thank you for organizing the AHI conference, and facilitating the travel, food, documents, and panels. The panels and discussions over meals enhanced my understanding of the founding of our nation, especially how Hamilton and Jefferson’s vision shaped the rest of American history. Interacting with such prestigious scholars last week was an experience of a lifetime, and the conference will shine as a highlight of my time at Hamilton.”

-Nick Jickling, Hamilton College, Class of 2019

“As I have done for many years past, it was once again my treat to host the college students from the Hamilton Institute . . . and their instructor, my good friend Dr. Juliana Pilon, to the Voice of America last week.
The students had a guided tour of our facilities to include watching two live radio shows in English and Indonesian. Over dinner provided by the Hamilton Institute, they also received from me a brief lecture and discussion on international broadcasting and public diplomacy.
Their instructor, Dr. Pilon, is one of the luminaries of Washington, DC. She has been a professor at the National War College at Fort McNair where she has helped train many general officers in the military and at the Institute of World Politics where I first met her. She is also the author of several books. These young people in her class will be the future leaders of our nation. I’m glad I had the opportunity to host Dr. Pilon and the Hamilton Institute students by showing these young people what we do at the Voice of America in support of our country’s national security interests.”

-Rick Barnes, Supervisor, Voice of America, 2019

“AHI’s Science and Government class … was intellectually stimulating and the AHI environment was a welcoming place to share an evening with others committed to expanding their body of knowledge. Class discussions were always interesting and thought provoking. Attendees at AHI represent a wide range of knowledge gained from extensive reading/studying/academia, occupation, and life experience. We enjoyed listening to all of it. … The information shared enhanced our understanding of larger issues outside the classroom.”

-Trudy and Eric Kennedy, Utica, New York

“To the Alexander Hamilton Institute I owe a large debt of gratitude. In particular, Professors Paquette and Ambrose were a vital part of my undergraduate education, offering a much needed supplement to Hamilton. Their guidance and support shaped me into the scholar that I am today. Both are generous with their time and advice, demonstrating a commitment to students that very few professors of their caliber can match. I consider them both mentors and friends, and am incredibly proud of all that they have accomplished in founding and sustaining our Institute.”

-Andrew Juchno, Hamilton College, Class of 2019

“Thank you so much for making it possible for me to come to the colloquium on Hamilton and Jefferson, and for letting me stay at the AHI. It was a wonderful, eye-opening weekend. I learned so much about the two that I never knew before, and it was good to hear so many different perspectives from such knowledgeable scholars. Monticello was absolutely beautiful, the food was spectacular, and I so enjoyed getting to know so many new people over the course of the trip! Thank you for such a great opportunity!

-Elizabeth Niebanck, SUNY-Oneonta, Class of 2021