“Your class had everything to do with my submission— I remembered the name Carl Menges from our class and colloquium and recognized it when I was looking through the award submissions. Your very patient teaching led me to write clearly and effectively, as well as look at ways to problem solve both in my writing and in my ideas. The subject of the Carl Menges Prize was a subject near and dear to me . . . I figured I had nothing to lose by submitting an essay about what I believe the school does well and what it should re-evaluate, and I will admit I was very surprised at the outcome! Thank you so much for teaching me more than I could have ever hoped— I still think your class was one of the most rewarding (and yes, difficult!) classes I have had the pleasure to take. . . .”

-K. M., Hamilton College, Class of 2016

“I would be happy to write a few words on my experience at the WAPONS conference this summer because it was truly invaluable. The connections made, with peers and “higher ups,” the information learned, the resources (i.e. News sources and articles to read for further knowledge on National Security), and the ability to put what I’ve learned and already knew into an intelligent discussion with others was extremely beneficial in helping my career in government. Further, it was great to hear from different political views on issues because that allowed me to strengthen my stance and learn new perspectives on ideas and issues-which I think is key to being a well-rounded individual. For instance, the discussions in the morning were very useful because I found that the definitions we discussed, like the definitions of human rights and rights (in general), helped with context and for especially for my internship this summer, since the organization that I’m interning with advises the UN on human rights. Also, Jack Dziaks “history lesson” of the KGB will come in handy when I study Russia, since Russia (and the Middle East) are my focus; and when Roger Pilon talked about aspects of the Constitution, like different powers of government, because that will be useful when I study constitutional law. And thank you again, Juliana, for all your efforts with AHI—it is truly a remarkable program, and I am not saying that lightly.”

-Jordan Hayley, Liberty University

“The time I spent with the Alexander Hamilton Institute was integral to my time at Hamilton. The guidance I received from AHI’s fellows, including Dr. Paquette, Dr. Ambrose, Dr. Hill, Dr. Frisk, and Dr. Grabar greatly assisted me as I progressed through my studies and beyond. Moreover, they provided me with the intellectual stimulation and academic rigor that I could not always find on the hill. AHI’s programming exposed me to an incredible variety of thought that is hard to come by on any college campus, thanks to countless discussions with scholars. Most importantly, AHI expanded my horizons by successfully bringing students and academics from all parts of the political spectrum together on many occasions and facilitating fruitful, insightful debate. AHI led me to challenge what I believe and formulate strong justifications for my thoughts, while also giving me an acute understanding of those who disagree with me. AHI’s guidance allowed me to blossom into a strong debater with a deep respect for those who hold differing beliefs than I.
The most valuable experience I had with AHI was undoubtedly the WaPONS program, led by Dr. Juliana Pilon. In the two weeks of the program, Dr. Pilon introduced me to professionals and scholars in the field of national security and provided invaluable guidance for how to succeed in the field. Most importantly, she introduced me to scholars from the Georgetown University Security Studies Program, where I chose to continue my studies after graduating from Hamilton. During the WaPONS Program, I learned what I needed to do to succeed in the Security Studies Program and beyond in my career. I am incredibly thankful for everything AHI has given me that has allowed me to grow as both a person and a scholar. I would recommend participating in AHI’s programming whenever the chance exists. AHI provided me with my fondest memories in my undergraduate experience, and I am thankful for every moment I had.”

-Amy Elinski, Hamilton College, Class of 2017; Georgetown University Security Studies Program

“My officemate has given me some great tips over the past week, and much of it overlaps with what you taught in your classes. He, too, reads court briefs and memos out loud to proofread them, and places enormous emphasis on concise language. I definitely want to thank you for helping me refine those skills – they really have been crucial to my job so far.
I came across the phrase “expressio unius est exclusio alterius” in one of my briefs recently, and it reminded me of a debate in one of your classes over whether the specific enumeration of liberties in the Bill of Rights necessarily limited the amount of natural rights. My officemate didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was when I came across the term.”

-G. W., Hamilton College, Class of 2017

“In the past 24 hours, I have reflected on how many events, both large and small, led up to this, leaving me incredibly thankful for the relationships and experiences I cultivated along the way. It is safe to say I never would be in this position without professors like you and classes like The Old South. The impact you had on my writing and general intellect was enormous and if there is one thing I regret during my time at Hamilton, it’s that I didn’t take one of your courses sooner.”

-Hamilton College undergraduate, Class of 2017