“I have had the pleasure of taking several AHI classes and have enjoyed the breadth of the topics examined. The participants have been a cross section of the community; doctors, lawyers, academics, farmers, students, artists, builders, and retirees with varied life experiences.
Topics are presented in depth with thoughtfully assigned readings and guided discussions without bias or rancor. The friendly conversational tone is engaging and invigorating and leaves me looking forward to the next weekly meeting”.

-Duffy Burdick, Clinton, New York

“Thank you for your hospitality and for all the work you did this past weekend to make the conference the great success it was. You are clearly a devoted and talented man, and it was a pleasure meeting you. I learned a lot, met some great folks, and enjoyed the opportunity to present my work. I hope our paths cross again soon, especially if you make it down to Princeton in the future.”

-W. C., Princeton University Undergraduate, 2019

“My experiences with AHI truly helped shape my undergraduate experience. Even though I went to Colgate, not Hamilton, I always felt welcomed by the organization and its members. I am so thankful that I found AHI, or rather, that Professor Paquette found me. Many liberal arts colleges are quite stifling to intellectual freedom and discussion. At AHI I was able to express myself and my ideas openly, without fear of repercussion. By creating a place where intellectual freedom can be expressed, Professor Paquette genuinely helped me grow as an individual. AHI events I attended were some of the highlights of my college career– I learned more at one AHI discussion or panel than I did in some entire classes I took in college.
Encouraging college students to explore diverse ideas and engage in open discourse is crucial to their education. Luckily for me, I was able to do this with the help of Professor Paquette, and I can only hope that others have this great fortune. AHI is a safe place for those denied safe spaces elsewhere and I will be forever grateful for the influence it had on my life.”

-Caitlin Gilligan, Colgate University, Class of 2019; Manager, External Communications, The Empire Center

“The conference at Colgate was a fantastic way to cap off my undergraduate experience. This past weekend widened my perspective, allowed me to make some great friends whose paths I hope I will cross again, and stimulated a great deal of reflection on the many topics presented. More than anything it left me excited for the years to come following my graduation. Many thanks to you and everyone else at the AHI and Colgate University who worked to provide such a wonderful opportunity.”

-Shane Leary, Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

“I have participated in several of AHI’s adult classes and have enjoyed and benefited from each one. Professor David Frisk is thoroughly prepared and provides a wide selection of short readings for background information. The topics and discussions deal with American history and current issues. Different points of view are presented in the material and welcomed in the discussions. I have particularly enjoyed “The Constitution in the 20th Century and Today: Key Decisions and Controversies” (Fall 2015) and “Abraham Lincoln: Leader and Legend” (Fall 2017). I highly recommend this AHI program.”

-David B. Goldenson, New Hartford, New York

“The luncheon was a great success & your talk was perfect. Just what everyone needed to hear . . . Thanks so much for helping make this celebration happen.”

-Mary Rogers, The Questers: Preservation, Restoration, and Education, 2019