“I really learned a lot from this program [WAPONS], and I appreciate the time you spent putting it together and the time the speakers took out of their day to talk to us! It was a lot of fun.”

-A. N., Texas Tech University

“When I reflect on my time spent in Washington DC with the Alexander Hamilton Institute’s Program on National Security I can only think about what a wonderful growing experience it was for me. During my time there I truly enjoyed hearing from many different experts about different aspects of our nation’s national security. I have several favorite moments from the program, one being visiting the Afghanistan Embassy and learning about the culture and history of the country. I also loved visiting the Holocaust museum and speaking with Anatol Steck. “I came back to Georgia with a multitude of knowledge on subjects I hadn’t previously had the chance to study. I will always be grateful for the connections I made during my time and the many chances I had to spend with Miss Juliana Pilon and the many experts she brought together for us. I truly enjoyed every moment!”

-Caitlan Coleman, East Georgia State University

“The [WAPONS] program was amazing in my opinion. You did such a wonderful job with planning and coordinating. We all were very privileged to meet the people that we did and hear their knowledge on a wide range of topics. I feel much more confident about my understanding of national security topics and the importance of national security in general, such as how it connects to so many relevant issues today. Thank you so much for helping the next generation to share in knowledge about our world and for letting us be your guinea pigs!” I look forward to keeping in touch.”

-K. L., Liberty University

“My time at D.C. and with the WAPONS Program was unforgettable. I really learned a lot about current pressing issues and about opportunities within my field of study! All the speakers and lectures were great, even though a few could have been more dynamic and engaging. You, as our mentor, were wonderful! I am really glad we got the chance to get to know both you and Roger [Pilon], and will always be grateful for everything you did and opening your home to us (also for the delicious meals we shared). As for improvements that could be done to the program, I would just say maybe have a more central location for future students to stay in. It would also have been nice to do some sightseeing as a group and maybe even tour some of the “three-lettered” agencies. I really can’t think of anything else that could be changed, as this program was really great.”

-M. F., Mercyhurst University

“I had such a wonderful time with the WAPONS program and with you as our guide and leader. . . . The group couldn’t have gotten along better and our friendships are connections that will last a lifetime. I learned so much and I was inspired to look into many areas of national security that I never would have thought of otherwise. . . . I will be recommending the Alexander Hamilton Institute and the WAPONS program to my friends. You were such a great hostess and I will be keeping in touch with you Juliana. Thank you for this opportunity and for allowing me to see your home, a new city, and what my future in national security could look like. I was so blessed to have been part of AHI’s program and I think that I will forever look back on the experience fondly.”

-J. C., Hamilton College, Class of 2018

“Thank you for everything! I really enjoyed the program and feel like I was able to learn some valuable lessons that will help me in the future. I really enjoyed the speakers and topics that focused on national security from a military or law enforcement perspective. Obviously, I am biased because it is the career field I want to go into, but I really feel that I got the most out of those conversations.” Overall, I had a great experience and I am happy I got to be a part of WAPONS 2016!

-J. T., Christopher Newport University